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Day 25

Today was for benchmark tests on computation and application. Neither of them were very difficult, yet, none of my students finished either one. I wonder how often a student hears the word ‘test’ and just assumes they can’t do the work. We will take this particular test three times this year to track their progress. I only got to grade about 10 from the fourth period because they have to be graded by hand. Last year it took me almost six hours to finish all four classes. Then I still had to input them in to the computer. Needless to say, isn’t there another way we could track their progress that doesn’t involve so much leg work? 

In other news, I stayed after to help with volleyball tryouts. There were over 70 girls from 7th and 8th grade that stayed to tryout. I was just observing to affirm what things the coach and assistant coach saw. But I have to say, I think I would make a darn good volleyball coach :) What a great day. Dinner is almost done and I’m pretty hangry. I hope everyone had a momentous Monday! Here’s to the start of one more week!

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Day 24

Today was for having my math 1 students unpack the standards from the math 8 curriculum that they are responsible for at the end of the year. We focused on six of the standards we are currently covering in math 8. The math 1 students did a great job on them. We are finishing the presentations on Monday. I wish I would have videotaped the ones that went today so I could have my math 8 students watch them in their class. I will have to remember that on Monday!
I hope everyone had a great week and here’s to the weekend!

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Day 23

In my previous job, when I was having a bad day, I just shut myself in my office and told everyone to hold all the calls. We have bad days. As adults, some days just don’t work out the way you planned. Today was one of those days. I suppose this job as a teacher forces me to deal with everything I am feeling right on the spot. It is in my face. The job does not allow me to have a bad day really. I am not the kind of teacher that assigns busy work and sits at my desk while they do it. So, tumblr education, i ask you. When you are having the type of day where you want to stay in bed, what do you do to turn around your school day?

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Day 22

I tried out the Snapshot app on today. It will be good for keeping the students invested in their own learning but it doesn’t provide you an easy grade to see. It does however, give you exactly what it advertises, a snapshot. It provides you a way to see quickly which students are proficient in certain standards. The questions are also pretty aligned to the common core which gives the students good practice at what they will see on the EOG. 

The first home football game was tonight. I stayed to run the clock and it was pretty fun. I had a lot to keep up with, which is a lot different from running the clock at the soccer matches. Our boys won 44-0 which is incredible, even by middle school standards. They will be very excited tomorrow so that will give me a good jumping off point to get them focused on math! 

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday. Tomorrow is Friday eve!!!

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Day 21, self control and side bets.

Today, my principal made good on his bet. He brought my second period three dozen glazed donuts.


Man oh man, they were so excited! Because I am doing slow carb, I did not partake in the donut inhalation. My self control amazes me every day. I know it might not seem like a big deal, but let me know when you get close to 300 pounds and then you get your health back on track.

Before the donuts arrived, our Regional Superintendent, my Principal, and two APs were in my room doing their rounds. The kids were amazing. They were all engaged in the lesson. My co teacher and I were perfectly in sync, finishing each other sentences, and feeding off of one another’s ideas. It was great. We haven’t received any feedback yet, but my principal told me the Regional asked him if I was always that loud. Hahahaha no discussion of anything education related? Perfect! We are stoked to have such a good group of students in our inclusion class this year. 

It was also #bowtietuesday and I took an actual photo of myself today with my bowtie.


Hashtags are something I started this year with the kids in an attempt to just keep reaching them on different levels. They look forward to what I will be saying on my board through the hashtags. I just put them under my date on the board, and they seem to like most of them. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday and here’s to half the week coming tomorrow! Side note, today was so crisp and cool outside. The weather finally felt like fall and I am so glad for cool weather! 

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Day 20

What a day. I woke up to realize I had not purchased egg whites for this week. So, no breakfast. No big deal, I’ll just have my coffee and it will be fine. Not ok. Definitely not ok. I missed lunch due to trying to get some issues resolved with some students moving classes this week. The day went well so I didn’t really think about how horrible I was going to feel from not eating all day. All of the moves I made turned out to make fourth core run sooo well. I could not be any happier really. After school, I went to a chess club meeting. The guy that runs it is about my age, and we seem to have some things in common, so I went. Apparently the chess club person is a paid position at our school. Now I just need to beat the guy in charge in chess, and prove to him that I should be in that spot. Haha I’m only partially kidding. Getting paid for an afterschool club? Yes please, sign me up. We didn’t play today, but I went around and helped a few of the newer students get familiar. There were 16 students that showed up to play, which I thought was huge! Dinner is now ready, so I’m going to get rid of this hunger headache. Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday! 

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Day 19

I bet my principal yesterday that he could come in to my room today and ask any of my students the rules we’ve been learning (exponent laws). He came in, and they shined with five out of five questions right! He promised them doughnuts on Monday. Man, some days it is pretty cool to see what they can do. They were so nervous when he came in and started asking questions, but they all did so well. My co-teacher and I were quite proud of our class today. I hope everyone has a terrific weekend!

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